Advertise With Fresh Radio



Prices starts at just £20 per Month, and everything is catered around your needs, So please contact us so we can suit you and your product

On Air Adverts


Like on other stations, we will be having commercial breaks, and its a fantastic way of getting your brand heard on the radio, weather your a large company or small, everyone can be heard on the same medium

Sponsor A Show


Through out a show, your company name will be given out, supporting your favourite show, and you will know, people are listening in as its not just during the commercial breaks that you will be heard

Sponsoring the Station


Your name will be Everywhere, and also knowing that not only will people hear and see your adverts, but you will know you are the only one company that will be in this position until the time runs out.

Just on the Website


If you do not wish to have your name on the radio, you can have a visual advert on our website, so when people have a look or tune in, your face can be there

Where the Money goes


As Fresh Radio is a volluntary run station, where at this moment all staff are voluntary (although in the future this may change) All Money raised through advertising, will go to help run the station, from paying for licences or help us get a Public studio with equipment.